Report Copyright Infringement

We aggressively defend both our, and our partner’s, intellectual property, and have a zero-tolerance policy. In addition, we equally want to protect everyone’s intellectual property. Unfortunately, the diamond art industry is plagued with insidious companies that rip off original art. Many of these companies reside in countries that do not respect intellectual property. This, coupled with low-quality materials, allow for these companies to sell diamond kits for very cheap.

We at My Diamond Art, from the beginning, decided we would not steal from anyone. However, despite our best effort, there may be an image that was inappropriately submitted or was inaccurately determined to be open domain. We want to correct any mistake, or mistake by our partners, in order to ensure the proper respect is given to all artists.

If you see your work here please contact us immediately. Simply click here to fill out the form and we will take down your property immediately.