1) Remove painting kit and verify that all supplies are included, matching each item to the included inventory checklist.

2) Once you have identified that all the items are complete, layout your canvas on a flat clean surface. (Note: You may need to place a heavy object on any corners that may not immediately flatten out.)

*Tips: - Tape each corner
- Place a heavy object on each corner

3) Familiarize yourself with the canvas: All canvases have a key printed on one side to help guide where each gem is placed.

4) Next, decide which area of the painting you want to start, then match a symbol on the canvas and symbol chart with the corresponding bag of gems.

5) Now that you have selected the area and gems you wish to start with you will pour a small number of gems into your included tray.

6) Lightly shake the tray back and forth so the gems will settle right side up (flat side down) so they are facing the correct way to pick them up using your included applicator pen.

7) Prepare your pen: First, peel back the clear plastic on the wax square that was included in your kit. Insert the hollow metal tip of the applicator pen into the wax, making sure the wax fills the hole.

Wipe any excess with your finger. Refill when necessary. 8) With the wax filled pen you can now pick up gems easily using the tip of the applicator pen.

9) Peel back the desired section of the film cover you wish to start placing gems.
Note: Do not remove the entire film to prevent dirt or other debris from sticking to the exposed sticky glue.
*Tip – Recommend starting in a lower corner to avoid getting any adhesive on your hand.

10) Using the applicator pen, pick up a gem and place it on its corresponding symbol.

11) Repeat this process until your diamond art is complete.
Note: Remember to cover your painting, anytime you take a break, with the protective film to avoid any dirt sticking to your canvas.

12) Once your diamond art is complete use a roller (roller not included) to press down and adjust any gems that may not be flat and to help secure the rest of the gems to the canvas.

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13) Frame your diamond art and show off your beautiful artwork at home, work or give to family and friends as gifts perfect for any occasion.